How your commercial premises could benefit from GSHPs

Businesses are always striving to find the most cost-effective solution to reduce expenses while still benefitting from efficiency and performance. And for many, the goal of greater sustainability also plays a key role. Renewable energy is a great way of combining all of these factors, providing commercial properties with a host of benefits. One option that business owners may not be aware of is ground source heat pumps, or GSHPs. We’ve outlined the advantages of using them and how commercial premises can benefit.

 Lower costs for higher performance

While installing GSHPs requires financial investment, particularly when you compare the costs to a traditional central heating system, the long-term savings make it worthwhile. The running costs associated with GSHPs are significantly lower, as there’s far lower energy levels needed to produce the same amount of heat, which makes this a cost-effective solution for commercial premises.

Each component of the heat pump has a long lifespan of up to 25 years, making it a low maintenance system that delivers fantastic results. The longevity of the system and the low running costs result in beneficial savings that can be a fantastic incentive for businesses looking to keep expenditure down.

 No planning permission needed

Since the installation of commercial ground source heat pumps falls under permitted development rights, businesses don’t need to acquire planning permission before utilising this system. There are, of course, limitations associated with permitted development rights, so companies should check that this is adhered to for their specific installation, but for most businesses, there will be no need to secure consent beforehand which makes this a quicker option.

There’s no sound or visual obstruction with GSHPs related to planning requirements, so in the rare case that planning permission is needed, officials are unlikely to find reasons to reject the application. This ‘fit and forget’ system is mostly concealed underground which makes it a low maintenance and quiet heating system.

 Reduced carbon emissions

Compared to conventional heating systems, a ground source heat pump produces far fewer carbon emissions which brings down a business’ overall CO2 emissions considerably. This is a highly effective way for businesses to consume less fuel and minimise their carbon footprint, which is a key focus for so many environmentally conscious industries at the moment.

GSHPs provide both heating and cooling functions for commercial buildings, recycling heat in a sustainable way throughout the seasons, so they cool your premises in the warmer months and heat them in the winter. This makes GSHPs a sustainable and eco-friendly solution to your heating and cooling needs, while also boosting your business’ green credentials and reputation.

 Unparalleled safety

One benefit of ground source heat pumps that can often be overlooked is that this technology provides excellent levels of safety when compared to traditional systems that pose the risk of fires or gas leaks. For staff and visitors alike, having confidence that the heating system is secure and safe is critical, since employers have a duty of care to protect everyone on site.

GSHPs produce water that’s heated to a reasonable temperature, reducing the risk of employees being scalded. Unlike a gas or oil boiler, the heat produced by a heat pump is lower but delivered over a longer period, so the premises will be heated efficiently without any safety risks attached.

 Final thoughts

From the minimal maintenance required and low heating costs to the longevity of the system and the level of safety it provides, a ground source heat pump delivers great results for businesses in a host of different industries. What’s more, there’s no need to worry about rising fuel costs, which can be a concern for businesses trying to keep their expenditure down.

While there is an upfront cost that businesses need to account for when switching to this renewable solution, GSHPs do provide long-term savings that will help your bottom line in the future. To discuss installing a commercial ground source heat pump system on your business premises, contact the team at Geo Green Power today and we’ll be happy to help.

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