Ground Source Heat Pumps – NIBE F1145

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  • Extraordinarily high efficiency (COP)
  • Sizes: 5-17 kW
  • Extremely installer-friendly
  • Modular system for service friendliness
  • Multicolour display with user instructions and multilingual support
  • Scheduling (indoor comfort and hot water as well as cooling and ventilation)
  • NIBE Uplink ready
  • Universal connection interface (1xUSB-port)
  • Remarkably low sound level
  • Speed controlled circulation pumps for optimized heating and hot water charging
  • Master/slave compatible with up to nine pieces in cascade
  • Elegant, timeless and international design
  • Smart Grid ready
  • MCS Approved

Brief Description

NIBE F1145 is one of a new generation of heat pumps, designed to supply your home with cost efficient and environmentally friendly heating. With an integrated immersion heater, circulation pumps and a control system, the heat production is both safe and economical.

The heat pump can be connected to a low temperature heat distribution system such as radiators, convectors or underfloor heating. It is also prepared for connection to several different products and accessories, e.g. hot water heater, free cooling, ventilation recovery, pool and other heating systems.

NIBE F1145 is equipped with a control unit to maintain a comfortable indoor climate, both cost-effectively and safely. Clear information about status, operation time and all temperatures in the heat pump are shown on the large and easy-to-read display.

More information about the NIBE F1145 can be found on there official website, which you can get to by clicking here.

Technical Data


F1145 Type 5kW 8kW 10kW 12kW 15kW 17kW
EN 255 (excl circulation pumps) at 10 K
Supplied power at 0/35°C (kW) 1.06 1.71 2.11 2.47 3.14 3.59
Delivered power at 0/35°C (kW) 4.89 8.33 10.20 11.88 15.65 17.24
COP 0/35°C 4.62 4.86 4.83 4.81 4.98 4.80
EN 14511 at 5 K
Supplied power at 0/35°C (kW) 1.08 1.78 2.20 2.64 3.48 3.93
Delivered power at 0/35°C (kW) 4.65 8.15 9.98 11.60 15.37 16.89
COP 0/35°C 4.30 4.58 4.54 4.39 4.42 4.30
Rated voltage (V) 230 (1-phase + zero) 400V 3NAC 50 Hz
Min fusing (fuse type C)excl immersion heater(A) 20 25 32 32 16 16
Immersion heater, max (kW) 7 9
Refrigerant (R407C) (kg) 1.2 1.7 2.0 2.0 1.8 1.8
Max temperature heating medium(flow/return pipes) at 0°C brine(°C) 70/58
Sound power level (LwA)* (dBA) 37 43 43 43 42 42
Sound pressure level (LpA)** (dBA) 22 28 28 28 27 27
Height (mm) 1500
Width (mm) 600
Depth (mm) 620
Net weight (kg) 140 165 170 178 191 199

*According to EN 12102 at 0/35°C
** According to EN 11203 at 0/35°C and 1 m distance


Energy Efficiency
Class 35/55°C
product label
Energy Efficiency
Class 35/55°C
package label
5 kW A++ A++ A+++
8 kW A++ A++ A+++
10 kW A++ A++ A+++
12 kW A++ A++ A+++
15 kW A++ A++ A+++
17 kW A++ A++ A++

* The reported efficiency of the package also takes the controller into account.

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