Geo Green Power Deliver on ENERGUS’ Green Energy Plans

Geo Green Power has enabled ENERGUS, a unique conference and training venue in West Cumbria and part of the NDA (Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) estate, to meet its BEACON project targets and reduce CO2 emissions by 88 tonnes a year.

The NDA estate is committed to measuring and reducing its carbon footprint, and as such identified an opportunity for ENERGUS to install solar PV on its premises in the Lake District. It was then down to ENERGUS’s General Manager, Shaun Stanger, to find a renewable energy partner to successfully deliver their element of the carbon management plan.

After a robust tendering process, Geo Green Power was selected to deliver the 250kW scheme and start ENERGUS on its sustainable journey.

Now complete and generating, Shaun is thrilled with the results and said: “The new installation is working well. I’ve been given access to an online portal where I can track generation and we’re seeing great benefits from the system already; particularly a reduction in our carbon footprint which was the main reason behind the project.”

Installed in Autumn 2022, Shaun is yet to see the system at full generation during the summer months, and is currently waiting to renegotiate his energy tariffs. The system will generate over 205,000kWh a year and is currently performing as predicted.

James Cunningham, Managing Director at Geo Green Power said: “It was an absolute pleasure working with ENERGUS. The scheme is set to save around £4m over the next 30 years, but it’s always more rewarding to work with businesses who are as focused on the environmental benefits as they are on the energy cost savings and that was certainly the case here with Shaun and the team.”

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“We decided as part of our carbon management plan that we needed a renewable energy solution. We tied him with the NDA estate on the beacon project, which was to reduce the whole estate’s carbon footprint and this year, our target was to fit a solar PV system on Energies.

“The installation process was challenging at the beginning due to certain supply issues, but Geo Green Power we’re excellent at sorting out any problems, it was quite smooth in the end, even though it was a longer process than we thought, but I found them very a very good company to work with.

“The new installation is working well, I’ve been given access to an online portal where I can track it seen great benefits from it we’re already reducing our carbon footprint, which was the main reason we got it fitted and we’re hitting all the targets we expected. We’re not sure yet about the savings on the energy, we haven’t had it installed long enough but it looks like we are saving carbon at the moment and it is predicted on carbon that we’ll save 88 tonnes. I’m yet to renew the energy bills until we’ve had a full six months and we’ve hit the summer time, which is peak solar time.

“Energus, we’re a corporate events and training venue, we also run our own programs like nucleargraduates, CyberFirst, we have our own cyber lab, which is the only cyber lab in the northwest of England, we’re also a multi-talented venue, we have other organisations tenanted in the building as well.”

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