Flower Meadow Blooms Over GSHP installation!


A 4.5kW Solar PV system and a 26kW Ground Source Heat Pump at Shepherd PR’s offices in the Peak District are helping the company live their renewable energy ambitions thanks to our Green Energy Geeks!

Jane Shepherd, Director of Shepherd PR, is an advocate for renewable energy working with a range of clients with a sustainable focus. Based in the Peak District, surrounded by beautiful countryside, Jane was keen for the business to play its part in reducing its impact on the environment. Thanks to Geo Green Power, this specialist agency which is dedicated to generating great media, TV and Social coverage for its clients is now generating its own sustainable heat and electrical energy.

Before speaking with Geo Green Power, Shepherd PR looked into a variety of companies to fully understand their options, but after meeting our team decided to go ahead with a solar PR and ground source heat pump installation because of our team’s enthusiasm and knowledge.

Jane explained: “We had surveys and assessments and they specified the best system for us.

“When the installation team turned up, they were absolutely brilliant, immediately we were impressed with how they worked, they were very polite and enthusiastic and they were also very knowledgeable. We could ask them any question and they were always happy to help.”

The daily operations of Shepherd PR were able to carry on as usual throughout the installation thanks to careful scheduling, Jane added: “They did everything they could to schedule the installation and support us through it and we could carry on without any impact. The team was absolutely superb, they are energy geeks, GREEN energy geeks!”

Over a year after the GSHP was installed, the system has been able to heat the property using the heat from the earth, and the area where the ground works took place has now been filled with a beautiful wild flower meadow.

Shepherd PR are taking full advantage of their system using their solar PV to generate electricity which is then powering their GSHP to heat their property. They are making considerable savings on their energy bills, which includes £100s that would have been spent on heating oil.

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“Hello, my name is Jane Shepherd and I’m a director of Shepherd PR.

“We decided that we wanted an energy renewable solution because we’re based in the peak district,  we also work well with clients that are very much sustainability focused and we just thought that we needed to do our bit.

“So, we started to look at green energy providers and we spoke to a few people before we spoke to Geo Green Power and the thing that stood out for us was the enthusiasm but also the knowledge of Geo Green Power. They came out we had surveys assessments, they specified the best system for us and when the installation team then turned up… they’re absolutely brilliant immediately we were impressed with how they worked, they were very polite, they were very enthusiastic, they were also very knowledgeable and we could ask them any question it was never a hassle.

“They also fitted in with the work of the office you know, we had to work throughout the installation, they did scheduled everything to help that um and to support us through that, so we could carry on without any impact. The team were absolutely superb they are energy geeks, green energy geeks and they really know the stuff and the electricians, the plumbers, the whole installation team that guided the groundworks was superb and you can see he’s left a lovely legacy with this wildflower meadow now, we were absolutely delighted.

“So in terms of energy savings, we are completely oil free now, which to me is a big step, we’re seeing savings on that and that’s at the moment going to show up as hundreds and hundreds, hundreds of pounds a year saving. We think that’s really, really important and that we’re actually connected through the energy use that we have from what we’ve got here.”

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