Saving energy and emissions for a family business in North Yorkshire!

Last October we installed a 62kW solar PV system at Bright Steels Ltd, one of the largest producers of bright drawn steel flat and square bars in England, and amongst the largest in Europe!

Bright Steels Managing Director, Philip Jackson, has a passion for protecting the environment and is proud of the company’s efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. The company uses an electric vehicle to move their steel during production and the team has introduced paperless documentation plus they now have two electric company vehicles. Wanting to reduce Bright Steel’s carbon footprint even further, Philip investigated solar PV to make them more self-sustainable, help the planet and save costs on energy bills.

When searching for a renewable energy company, Philip contacted several installers before deciding to work with us. Our Sales Director, James Cunningham, discussed the options available and developed a plan to power the company’s offices and main production facility during the working hours of the day, with surplus energy sold back to the grid.

Philip, who’s very happy with the installation, said: “The system is working perfectly fine, the installers were very professional, and they handled everything efficiently.”

Now that Bright Steels is generating its own solar energy they want to use it as much as possible and Philip and his team are looking to introduce more electric vehicles to move steel around their site.

In just under a week, our team installed and commissioned this system which includes 162 Canadian Solar panels and a 50kW SMA inverter. The system will generate over 45,000kWh of electricity every year whilst saving 16 tonnes of CO2.

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“Hi I’m Phillip Jackson Managing Director of Bright Steels Ltd, we are a family owned business established in 1919 and we manufacture bright cold drawn steel bars, which we sell throughout the UK and the world.
“The reason we wanted a renewable energy solution is a continuation of our investment and policy to reduce our carbon footprint, so we already have one electric vehicle that transports our steel around our main production facility this year.
“We have invested and installed led lighting in every area of the company, we have paperless documentation for all our customers and our suppliers and we now have two all-electric company cars, so it’s just a continuation of that policy to reduce our carbon footprints.
“The installation process was great the guys that fitted the system were very efficient very professional and it’s great to be generating our own solar power.
“In terms of saving on our energy bills, actually the most important factor for us is not the monetary saving but it’s the 16 tonnes of CO2 per annum that we are saving that matters more as a company to us.”

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