Clean Air Day 2023

Our fleet now includes: 

  •        5 Fully electric cars
  •        4 Plug-in hybrid cars
  •        1 Plug-in hybrid van

Today is Clean Air Day. As a renewable energy installer, reducing harmful emissions is at the core of what we have always delivered and we support any opportunity to highlight the need to reduce greenhouse gases and harmful particulates. The impacts of Climate Change are becoming very clear, but air pollution is also one of the biggest threats facing global populations.

Every day we help our customers reduce their impact on the environment, delivering renewable energy installations to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and deliver cleaner, greener energy. Investment in renewables is no longer JUST about cost savings, it’s about businesses and individuals doing what’s in their power to support the future of the planet. That’s why this year we’re doing more than ever before to focus on every aspect of our business in the same way our customers are focusing on theirs.

Our vehicle fleet is our biggest contributor to harmful emissions, so naturally we are committed to reducing this. We have made a commitment to only purchase fully electric, or plug-in hybrid cars and we will stop purchasing any new diesel or petrol vans by or before January 2025. Our fleet now includes 5 fully electric cars, 4 plug-in hybrid cars and a plug-in hybrid van. 

We power our offices with a 50kW solar PV array and heat and cool them using a 20kW ground source heat pump system; and at the start of this month we announced our partnership with TreeApp and have already planted 148 trees. Our aim is for Geo Green Power to become carbon neutral in the next 5 years and we have many more initiatives to come.

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