Cutting Carbon Footprints For Business Venues

Renewable Energy Company Geo Green Power Cuts Carbon Footprint for Cutting Edge Conference and Training Venue

A new solar energy system has enabled a state of the art training and conferencing centre in Cumbria to massively reduce its carbon footprint in line with national targets to clean up early nuclear sites across the UK. 

National renewable energy company Geo Green Power worked with the seven-acre Energus site in Lillyhall, Workington, along Britain’s Energy Coast™ to create a solution that is set to reduce CO2 by 72 tonnes every year, the equivalent of taking 15 petrol cars off the road.

The solution provided by leading independent renewable energy company Geo Green Power is set to reduce the company’s energy bill by more than £4m over the next 30 years.

Opened in 2009, at a cost of £21.5 million, Energus has become established as a corporate hub for skills, training, education and business support and is located in one of the UK’s 17 sites that the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has been tasked to clean up safely, securely and cost effectively.

Energus worked with Geo Green Power to design and install a 250kW system, comprising 658 solar panels, across its roof space. 

General Manager, Shaun Stanger, turned to Geo Green Power to deliver the solar element of its carbon management plan because of the company’s excellent track record delivering renewable energy solutions for more than ten years.

The Plan To Cut Carbon Footprint

A comprehensive plan enabled Energus – which is home to long term tenants Gen2, University of Cumbria, Woodward SHE Ltd, Workington Times & Star, Whitehaven News, Britton Hillary Ltd and Centre of Nuclear Excellence – to remain fully operational while the Geo Green team worked behind the scenes to install the system.

Energus GM Shaun Stanger said: “We’re seeing great benefits from the system already, particularly a reduction in our carbon footprint which was the main reason behind the project. I also find it really useful to have access to an online portal where I can track generation.

“With an installation cost of just over £200,000, we’re expecting the system to have paid for itself within four years, including service and maintenance, after which the system’s costs will be negligible as the solar panels are under guarantee for 25 years.”

James Cunningham, Geo Green Power MD, said: “The scheme is set to save around £4m over the next 30 years but it’s always more rewarding to work with businesses who are as focused on the environmental benefits as they are on the energy cost savings and that was certainly the case here.

“Modern renewable systems have become much more efficient in recent years and at the same time installation costs have reduced. Coupled with mounting evidence of the damage done by fossil fuels, huge increases in energy costs and the threat over supply that’s emerged from the war in Ukraine, the calculations for business have completely changed and renewables make more sense than ever.”

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