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Our team are highly experienced in the supply, installation and maintenance of solar panel systems. We offer tailored renewable solutions including battery storage and EV charging for homes and businesses across Bridlington.

With over 10 years of experience in the sector, you will have an experienced team completing your solar installation project and a trusted partner for the future.

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Pairing your solar panels with battery storage

Solar battery storage is a key component in maximizing the efficiency of solar panels for residential energy generation. During daylight hours, solar panels capture and convert sunlight into electricity, with any excess energy stored in a solar battery for later use. This stored energy becomes a valuable resource, providing power after sunset or during cloudy periods, thereby ensuring a consistent energy supply without relying on the grid.

By combining solar panels with battery banks, users can optimize their energy consumption, reducing reliance on grid power and often achieving cost savings compared to exporting surplus energy. This integrated approach not only enhances energy efficiency but also contributes to substantial savings on electricity bills, making solar panels and batteries a compelling solution for sustainable and economical residential energy usage.


With a battery PV system Estimated savings over a year Estimated savings over 30 years
5kWh 3.6kW £888 £39,934
5kWh 5kW £1,108 £45,558
15kWh 9kW £2,116 £86,984
23kWh 17kW £8,050 £454,090
Without a battery PV system Estimated savings over a year Estimated savings over 30 years
5kWh 3.6kW £799 £34,244
5kWh 5kW £901 £37,022
15kWh 9kW £1,852 £76,111
23kWh 17kW £7,032 £392,728

(Please note that the 30 years savings statistics are likely to have changed because inflation of electric unit prices was higher at the point of quoting).

We have worked within the renewable energy sector for many years, developing a wealth of knowledge and building an experienced team of industry experts. We specialise in all forms of solar PV installation and have worked on many homes around the Bridlington area, helping them to reduce their bills and transition to clean, green energy.
Solar power allows businesses to take control of their energy needs. Companies which invest in solar panels enjoy lower operating costs, increased energy security and improved sustainability –  which is increasingly important for customers and employees alike. Geo Green Power have been working with businesses across Bridlington and the UK since 2010, delivering bespoke renewable energy solutions that provide clean energy and save money. Our clients include many household names and we pride ourselves on the longstanding relationships we build, often completing multiple projects with our clients as their businesses have developed and their requirements have grown.

If you’re looking to ensure your solar PV installation is always operating at its best, our expert team can help. Thanks to our Solar PV Service & Maintenance packages, we can ensure your panels remain in full working order for years and years – even if we’ve not installed them ourselves.

We Plant A Tree For Every Quote We Produce

Did you know you can support reforestation efforts with Geo Green Power? We’ll plant one tree for every quote we produce! Simply request a free quote and we’ll take care of the rest.

Solar Installs for Properties Across Bridlington

Geo Green Power are a Midlands-based company, serving clients in and around the Bridlington area – including the following areas:


Bridlington Old Town





West Hill


Who we work with

How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels work by absorbing sunlight through the photovoltaic cells across the surface of the panel. This generates a direct current, which the inverter is then able to convert into an alternating current which can be fed into the electrical supply of the building, used to charge EVs, stored in batteries or sold on to the grid depending on the requirements of the property and the infrastructure in place.

Photovoltaic solar panels are one of the fastest growing and easiest forms of renewable energy installation for businesses and private homes. At Geo Green Power, we specialise in providing the highest quality solar panels for large scale commercial and domestic projects and dedicating our team’s extensive experience to every install.

Solar Panel Efficiency & Lifespan

Solar panel efficiency refers to the percentage of sunlight that is converted into usable electricity. The most common crystalline silicon panels today have average efficiencies between 15-22%. Higher efficiency ratings mean more power output for the same panel size. Solar panel lifespans are typically over 25-30 years. Proper solar panel maintenance also promotes greater power output over a longer effective operational lifetime.

Reduced Costs

on average, solar PV installations pay for themselves within five years and go on producing free electricity for many years to come.

Reduced Emissions

one of the best ways to significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Even a small solar PV scheme saves tonnes of CO2 every year!

Low Maintenance

with no moving parts and very little ongoing maintenance required, solar panels are incredibly reliable and cost-efficient to run.

Future Proof

with energy prices only set to rise, a solar PV installation protects you from increased utility bills by providing your own free electricity.

Smart Investment

solar PV installations offer a reliable and predictable investment with better returns than many low-risk options.

Different Types of Solar Panels

Polycrystalline solar panels
Polycrystalline (or poly) solar panels are also made from silicon wafers from artificially-grown crystals, but rather than being taken from a single source they are made using many interlocking crystals. Visually they are distinguishable from mono panels as they are cut in rectangular shapes. This type of solar panel is cheaper but typically offers slightly lower efficiency: around 13 to 18%.

Monocrystalline solar panels
Monocrystalline (or mono) solar panels are made from thin silicon wafers, which are cut into a recognisable cylindrical shape, taken from artificially-grown crystals. Each wafer is made from a single crystal which means that they are more expensive to make, but they typically offer the highest efficiency rates of all solar PV panels. Efficiency rates for this type of panel are usually between 15 and 24%.

They may also have benefits including a longer lifespan than other kinds of panel and being more space-efficient as they yield the highest amount of power, meaning you will require fewer of them for the same output.

Meet the Team

Installation Process

Your Enquiry

Customers can send an initial enquiry using our online form, via our online Live Chat, over the phone or they can simply send an email. Either way, we’re delighted that you have thought of us!

After receiving an initial enquiry, our surveyors will either call or send a customer information form to gain some more information on your project and the property. They will also view the site via satellite.

It’s essential for our team to understand your current electricity costs, energy usage and the space available for solar panels to determine the size of the system required and whether it will meet your objectives.

Pre-installation Assessment

If the project is progressing we’ll arrange a survey to visit the site and discuss the installation further. We’ll look at the roof and external space and assess the best location for the layout of panels, the inverters and the cable run.

A site visit enables us to understand the project in more detail and assess the costs involved. This is also a perfect opportunity for a thorough discussion about products and warranties and a chance for you to ask lots of questions.

Once the on-site survey is completed, our surveyor will discuss the project with the rest of the team, feedback on any queries raised during the site visit and provide a personalised quote for you to consider.

Once we receive the go-ahead your project is handed over to our operations team and we begin making your renewable energy plans a reality.

Installation Process Explained

For normal domestic properties, there is no requirement to gain planning permission, as long as the property is not a listed building or in a conservative area; and the installation sticks to the guidelines. Standalone panels can also be installed without seeking planning permission, although the size of the array is limited to 9m2, and 4m tall. The array must also be at least 5m from the property.

In general, the requirements for commercial installations are the same as domestic installations, however, we can provide specific advice about your individual situation as necessary. Our team will manage all of the planning requirements on your behalf. This will include local planning applications and liaising with your DNO to enable you to connect your system to the electricity network.

Pre-installation survey

Two lead members of our technical team will visit your site to specify scaffolding and access equipment, agree on the installation process and ensure that when we come to install we have everything we need. Any issues highlighted during the initial survey will be carefully considered and a plan or resolution agreed upon with you. This could be an alternative cable route or a slight modification to the design.

When booking the pre-installation survey you’ll be given an indicative installation date and following our visit we will be able to confirm this with you.


A week or so before your installation our scheduling team will contact you to confirm that everything is still on track and confirm start dates, any deliveries, and if required the erection of scaffolding.

Throughout the installation, our scheduling team will be on hand, and a site contact will also keep you posted on how we are progressing. We aim for the process to be as smooth as possible from start to finish using our considerable experience of installing Solar PV for over 10 years.

On the final day of the installation, one of our team will walk you through the system and explain how everything works. You will also be registered for online monitoring if this is something that you have opted for.

Post-installation Support

Following completion, our electricians will provide a detailed schematic, which will outline the new system and the positioning of the solar PV components. You will also receive a copy of the electrical certificate, a solar array test report and a full Operations & Maintenance Manual. If your scheme qualifies, you will receive a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certificate within two or three days of us registering your installation.


Your full installation will be under warranty for 2 years; should you encounter any issues or concerns you can contact the team and we will be happy to resolve them either over the phone or return to the site as required.

We recommend an annual service and system check to ensure that your system remains in full working order!

Customer Success Stories

At Geo Green Power, we understand the business requirement for a single point of contact to manage and maintain your contract, and we are experienced at delivering a complete service where each step is known, planned for and advised in advance, so that little or no disruption is caused to your operations. We are fully aware that quality and price will be the main drivers in your decision making process.

FAQs for Solar Panels in Bridlington

Where Can You Install Solar Panels?

Solar panels can be installed on flat or pitched roofs using metal frames to secure them. For new roofs, in-roof solar replaces roof tiles and lies flush with the surface. Solar slate tiles mimic regular slate for listed buildings. Panels can also go on building facades.

For large sites without suitable roof space, ground installations work well. Tubs allow low profile mounting and frames provide increased clearance on farms, so livestock can still roam.

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Do I need Planning Permission?

If planning permission is needed, we can provide full support with applications to streamline the process. Some key limits are:

  • A roof mounted solar installation must not protrude more than 200mm, unless it is a flat roof installation where the solar PV must be less than 1m above the highest part of the flat roof.
  • A roof mounted solar installation must be further than 1m away from the edge of the roof or wall joint. For AONB or similarly restricted locations, the panels must not be on the roof slope or wall facing the road.
  • Solar installations should be sited so as to minimise their effect on the external appearance of the property and the amenity of the area, while unused equipment should be removed as soon as possible.

Listed buildings, scheduled monuments and world heritage sites require permission. We advise on requirements and assist with applications for quick approval.

How Much Does Solar Cost?

The cost of a solar installation depends on several factors like system size, placement, installation needs, product quality, and labor. When you first contact us, we’ll discuss these variables and provide an indicative estimate for you to consider..

If you’re happy with the estimate, we’ll survey your site and provide a detailed proposal. The survey looks at your roof or land space, sunlight access, and any unique needs. This helps us tailor the perfect system design and installation plan.

Our final proposal outlines the full costs and expected energy savings so you can make an informed decision. We aim to make the process straightforward for both residential and commercial properties.

Typical commercial system sizes and costs are:

50kW – £55,000
100kW – £85,000
250kW – £200,000
500kW – £370,000

Typical domestic system sizes and costs are:

1.2kW – £5,000
3kW – £7,000
6kw – £12,000

Costs can vary depending on the installation requirements, to get a no-obligation quote contact us today.

Get in Touch Today

If you are interested in having solar panels installed in or around Bridlington or you just want more information on what Geo Green Power can offer you, please do not hesitate to get in touch today. Our team has expertise in fitting panels and PV systems for a wide variety of buildings and we will be able to provide you with any information you are looking for. You can call us on 0800 988 3188 to speak to a friendly member of staff or fill out our online enquiry form and we will get back to you promptly.

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