Zero carbon ambition and energy management

In a time of increasing climate concerns, more businesses seek to reduce their carbon emissions and this is having a significant impact on energy management.

In the latest edition of Premises & Facilities Management a number of experts, including our Sales Director James Cunningham, shared their views on how environmental concerns and net zero carbon aims have impacted on energy efficiency projects.

James shared with the readers of PFM the shift in attitude that Geo Green Power has seen in the last 12 months stating, “Businesses no longer come to us to discuss renewable solutions just to save money; the desire to reduce their environmental impact is as important, if not more so.

“The first step in specifying any renewable solution is understanding energy consumption, current and future, and looking at how this can be met in alternative ways.

“Businesses that install a renewable system generate their own, free energy, and their return vastly improves if their usage keeps in line with production. It’s an additional incentive for businesses to keep their operations as energy efficient as possible.

“As awareness of the climate crisis increases, many companies want to reduce emissions as part of their corporate social responsibility. Energy efficiency and renewables are crucial to achieving this and many organisations want to take this step.”

Geo Green Power are committed to helping businesses achieve greater energy efficiency with renewable solutions. If you are looking for ways to improve your business’ energy efficiency, contact us today.

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