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03 - May - 2019

Proud to join the Ground Source Heat Pump Association

As Ground Source Heat becomes a bigger part of our business we’re delighted to join the GSHPA, a not for profit trade association which encourages the growth and development of the ground source heat pump industry in the United Kingdom.

Ground Source Heat Pump Association

Ground Source heat is becoming an increasingly important part of the renewable energy mix, and the GSHPA is key to raising awareness of the benefits of this technology and its efficient and sustainable use.

As an installer we will be supporting the association’s aim to develop ground source installation standards and encourage high quality training for the industry. And we very much look forward to sharing information and best practice.

Why Switch to Ground Source Heat?

The current Government Incentive scheme means that there has never been a better time to switch to Ground Source Heat and domestic and commercial properties can break even on their investment within a few years. And most importantly they will have reduced their heating fuel bill considerably and dramatically reduced their use and dependence on fossil fuel.

Properties currently running LPG or oil heating will experience the highest reduction in fuel costs, but the vast majority of all heating systems can be replaced by ground source heat and deliver an overall saving.

Current Industry Incentives

The current Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for domestic installations pays up to approximately £5,000.00 a year for 7 years. When this payment is combined with the savings from gas or oil most home owners will cover the cost of their installation within 5 years!

The current Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for commercial installations is 9.56p/kWh over the next 20 years. Return on investment depends on the heating requirements for the business and the system requirements, however our surveyors will ensure that any installation will maximise efficiency and deliver a return within the timescales required.

Ground Source and Solar PV electricity

Ground Source Heat installations require an electricity source to operate. The plant room technology requires approximately 1kWh of electricity to create 4kWhs of heat and if you’re interested in finding out more on how the technology works click here.

As an installer of Solar PV and battery storage we are in a great position to support customers who want to be entirely self-sufficient on renewable energy or have properties which are off grid. We have designed a number of solutions that include ground source heat, solar PV and battery storage to achieve this, even adding charging points for electric cars to totally do away with the carbon!

Interested in Renewable Energy?

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A very professional installation. All the staff I met and dealt with were friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend the Company. Thank you all, 5 stars!!

We found your service efficient and enquiries polite and considerate. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone who is looking for solar, in fact we have another farm building which will be sorted after Christmas, and would think we will be contacting you again. Thank you once again.

I have been very pleased with the speedy and efficient service we have received. Everyone in the Geo Green Power team has been pleasant to deal with and all aspects of the installation were carried out in a timely and effective manner. Many thanks for making our lives easier!

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